Rohan Pal
Hey, I'm Rohan
I’m a product designer with a background in mechanical engineering and CS passionate about connected technology, human behavior, and inclusive products.

Previously, I have worked with startups in the ed-tech, consumer social, and healthcare space to launch early-stage ideas. Always looking forward to new collaborations.
Selected Works
UX, Research, Data, Voice Recognition
Mayen Case study. Visual of two desktop screens and the mayen logo.
UX, Data Visualization, Research
Product, UX, Research, Branding
Ignitus Case Study. Visuals of one smartphone.
UX, Research, Social
Other Projects
Cover for medicak intelligence applied
Digital solution for the elderly and people with special needs to connect with health professionals and get automated healthcare.
Tele-health, UX Design, Webflow
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Cover for mazelink
Connecting forests to predict, track fires and help fire stations get notified early to prevent wide spread.
Product Design, Internet of Things, Figma
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The subtle feelings and observations from daily life, the different people I have met, and the places I have been are all my inspirations for design. I enjoy reading books, listening to podcasts, meeting new people, creating posters, and love working in a blend of technology and design.

It is absolutely magical when an idea once envisioned in a classroom or remote online meeting with a reduced group of people ends up becoming a fully fledged project with designers, artists, managers, developers, and so many other specialists. I thrive in projects that are detail-oriented, bring diverse perspectives and forces me to challenge my past assumptions.

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