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Developer Student Clubs are university communities of students from all backgrounds who are passionate about Google technologies. We work on local community problems to solve them using technology through innovation.
Project Brief
UX Designer
March 2019
My Contribution
Digital Innovation
User Experience
Interface Design
Visual Design
Adobe XD

Design a task management experience to improve project completion rates and efficiency of club members.

How to remove overloading  of tasks or members working on multiple projects?
How to remove delay in task approvals and future task assignments?
How to ensure task completions and make teams feel productive?
Understanding the USERS

The Needs

I talked to members from different teams like marketing, design, web development, etc. to understand what were the basic and team-specific needs that could increase productivity and fluency.
  1. A managing system to prevent overlapping of projects.
  2. Easy way to communicate to another member or team to proceed.
  3. Finding and collecting more local problems that can be solved with technology.
  4. Lead and administrators want to be updated with progress of all projects and track contribution of each member.
User Needs
How might we design a system that allocates tasks, and tracks progress for users working in multiple teams?

The Process


The team wanted the app as soon as possible and hence, it was important to understand the constraints and only incorporate features that are important to cover the basic needs. The interview with some of the members help better understand the constraints.
  • Available only to members: We only wanted the app for club members and not open to everyone who participated in events and workshops. Although, there can be plans to expand the app for everyone so that they can easily input project ideas and local problems for the team to work on, and hence had to be flexible.
  • Limited budget: The app is not funded and we wanted to make sure that it remains minimal and unwanted features are not included.
  • Time constraint: The team was very disorganized and we needed the app to make sure everything works in proper process as soon as possible. The design was to be done within a week and sent to the development team.


Affinity Diagramming

Affinity diagramming helped me focus on the primary features and understand the features that I might need to implement in the future. This helped me come up with more ideas and look into their limitations.
Affinity DiagramsAffinity DiagramsAffinity Diagrams

User Flows and Wireframing

After listing down all the required features to address different pain points, I created a detailed map for the different features and joined them together to explore how I can integrate the app into the way we were already working as a team.
Creating user flows helped me focus on the necessary steps that I had to design. I worked with pen and paper to easily add and eliminate elements to better understand how the core needs of the team can be designed for minimum effort. While creating wireframes, I went through one iteration after testing and getting feedback from a few members.
Wireframes with pen and paper for DSC KIITWireframes with pen and paper for DSC KIIT

Visual Design

Once the user flows and the wireframes were confirmed, I created a visual outlook for the app, focusing on a minimal look and keeping in mind all of Google's guidelines for the club.
DSC Brand logomarkDSC Brand colorsDSC Brand typography

The Solution

Flow based automated management to keep everyone updated between teams and projects.
A personalized app for all members whose infrastructure lies on scheduling and management. It focuses on projects and events, where users can create a single or a series of tasks which syncs with all collaborators to keep them updated.
Task flow
Automatic tasks activation
The series of tasks will function automatically, and the next person or team gets notified as soon as the previous person or team completes their task.
Task automation image
Home PageAccountTasksProjects

Next Steps

I was very satisfied to make the design in a short time and going forward, I would like to add more project implementation and customization features to creating tasks series and explore how the design can be expanded for users beyond the club members. I would also use A/B tests to understand which design stands better from the several ones I created during the ideation process. After that, I would implement a dark mode to understand how well the design can adapt.