Rohan Pal is a product designer passionate about connected technology, human behavior, and inclusive products.
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Selected Works
Frejya House
2021 - UX Designer
Frejya House is a conceptual project for a decor and furniture experience company that believes in aesthetics that stay together for a lifetime. In addition to a minimal ecommerce experience, Frejya House provides customers with home experiences, where families can purchase themes for their spaces, completely customizable.

The website was inspired by European décor and minimal living preferences. The website includes a full ecommerce solution, deep dive of 20+ experiences, and company pages.
2020 - UX Designer
Through automated journalism, workflows are being automated and through crunched data, bots are able to generate news articles. More than 50% of the global population uses social media and it is often the first place to find daily news rather than specific news outlet websites.

Mayen is a browser-based plugin and visual dashboard to detect and classify potential fake information based on logistic regressions. Any text based information is broken down to paragraphs, sentences, and words to create tokens which are analyzed in comparison with similar keywords from trusted sources to create an immediate report to identify bias or potential of fake information.
Developer Student Club
2019 - UX Designer
Developer Student Clubs are university communities of students from all backgrounds who are passionate about Google technologies. We work on local community problems to solve them using technology through innovation.

The final solution was a flow based automated management to keep everyone updated between teams and projects. A personalized app for all members whose infrastructure lies on scheduling and management. It focuses on projects and events, where users can create a single or a series of tasks which syncs with all collaborators to keep them updated.
ReadyGo Cabs
2019 - UX Designer
ReadyGo Cabs is a local cab service startup that offers complete travel services beyond cabs, including travel planning and hotel integration. My role as a UX designer was to help represent the transformation of a ride sharing business to a complete travel experience service.

In one word, travelers. ReadyGo Cabs wanted to provide 360 degrees of services related to travelling, keeping the cab service at center. Travelers would include many different types of users trying to accomplish widely different goals, both in small and large scale.

The website I started with was built without any research or user focus. Although a redesign project, I completely crafted the website experience from scratch and realized the crucial role research and empathy in the design process.
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